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Violeta ir Linas Parents of Simonas

Before deciding whether to store cord blood stem cells or not, we had to do a research. In our country this service is pretty new and there is a lack of information about it. However, inspite of controversial opinions we decided to store stem cells.


We store cord blood stem cells because we look at it as an insurance - you pay today and hope you'll never need it. Though if in the future you will eventually need them and you won't have it, than you could give everything for it. The second reason for consideration was not small price for service at first glance. However when we counted, we saw that blood collection, testing and the rest, costs the same as car insurance for a year, and storage fee - same as average apartment insurance. It was easy to law down the priorities.


Our first son Simukas was born very fast, if you could say so. It took us 30 minutes from entering hospital to the birth. Therefore, after all tension was gone we started to worry how was cord blood collection performed, will our sample be suitable for storage. After one month we were happy to hear that our sample is just perfect. It wouldn't be possible without professionals, specially without our cord blood collection coordinator and our midwife.


Today we are about to have the second child. We have signed for cord blood collection as well.