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After the delivery collected cord blood together with mother's blood sample is transported immediately to the laboratory. Laboratory is in Vilnius, Lithuania. After receiving the sample, cord blood stem cells are prepared for cryopreservation and is gradually cooled till -196ºC temperature. As no biochemical reactions are possible at this temperature, stem cells could be stored this way for decades by maintaining it's properties. Stem cells are stored in bags that is compliant with AABB Standards.


Mother's blood sample is tested for viruses (Hepatitis B, C; Human T-cell lymphotropic virus, Cytomegalovirus, Syphilis, HIV).


Cord blood sample is evaluated and tested as well. Determination of cells quality and quantity are necessary. Test results might take about 3-4 weeks after the delivery.


If sample is evaluated as suitable for long-term storage, it is removed from quarantine and transferred to long-term storage device, where it will be stored as long as needed. You will receive a certificate indicating your baby's store stem cells quality and quantity results and storage information. Cells are a property of the child, but until he/she will be age 18, legally it is a responsibility of parents or child's legal guardians.