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Our main focus is not only long-term cord blood storage, but also developing new technologies and products for individual treatment:

  • Stem cell research - long-term stem cell research, stem cell toxicity and novel drug preparation research. 
  • Imunotechnological research – research of autoimmune process, development and construction of autologous vaccines, development of individual anti-cancerous vaccines and novel cancer treatment technologies.

Laboratory consist of qualified personnel trained to work with cell cultures in vitro and animal models in vivo. We cooperate with scientific institutions abroad:


Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Neurological research laboratory in Canada, Umea University (Sweden), Uppsala University (Sweden). During year 1999-2004 our scientists participated in Visby-Network program "Program for education and development of novel technologies for drug development“ (Head of program prof. J. Wikberg, Uppsala University, Sweden). Internship in Isreal by recommendation of American NIH institute (Haifa, Joseph Itskovitz work group).