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The begining of our bank

A group of enthusiastic Lithuanian immunologists decided to be initiative and established first private tissue bank in Lithuania. Why? We always cared about science implementation into medicine, stem cell research, cell therapy and cord blood storage possibilities for people living in the Baltic States.


Stem cell therapy began it's journey in 1950's. Until this day bone marrow stem cells are used for treating blood disorders. As the number of donors worldwide is less than people who need stem cell transplantation, in year 1988 France made the first cord blood stem cell transplantation. Treatment was successful, therefore cord blood stem cells stared to be used as an alternative for bone marrow transplantations. In 1992 USA established first stem cell bank where people could store their baby's cord blood stem cells. Europe's oldest and biggest stem cell bank is in Germany, and it's activity started in 1997.


The first bone marrow transplantation in Lithuania was performed only in 2004. Why should we wait so long for a Cord blood bank in Lithuania? 


First cord blood bank laboratory in Vilnius was establshed in 2006. Our goal is science, medicine and local society cooperation, as well as keeping up with the progress of regenerative medicine, biotechnology and cell therapy together with implementation to medical practice here, in Lithuania.