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Prof. med. dr. Robertas Lazauskas LUHS Institute of Physiology and Pharmacology

I admire people who not only see the development of future medicine, but also participate in it. Stem cell bank was established by such initiative people. I believe, that even if you are not a doctor, it's easy to understand that stem cells are our and our children's future.


While developing industrial section, specially chemical, GMO, the number of mutations is increasing and human immune system is getting weaker. However organisms tend to adapt accordingly to the environmental conditions, whether it's bad or good. Even so not everyone can adapt to these changes and you can never feel safe about your health. If any health problem occurs we start to look for magical health and life elixir. In my opinion elixir consist of your attitude and actions about your's and your family's health. The real step we could do - collect cord blood stem cells and let specialists take care of it.


Many people say it is very expensive service. Is it? What is more expensive than health or even life? I approve this investment into child's future. I always recommend this service for my colleagues and friends.