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  • Researchers regrow corneas using adult human stem cells

    Boston researchers have successfully regrown human corneal tissue – a feat that could potentially restore vision in the blind.  The achievement also marks one of the first times that scientists have constructed tissue using adult-derived human stem cells.  

  • Umbilical cord stem cells for children cardiac regeneration

    The first U.S. stem cell clinical trial for pediatric congenital heart disease. The trial aims to determine how stem cells from autologous umbilical cord blood can help children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. 



  • Novel umbilical cord stem cell drug for the treatment of cartilage defects

       CARTISTEM® is an off-the-shelf stem cell drug which is prepared by isolating mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord blood of the newborns and culturing the isolated cells, and can be immediately supplied to patients when required.   KlKlKllllkkkk

  • Stem cell therapy for glaucoma treatment

    Scientists claim that stem cell technology could lead to an effective treatment for one of the most common causes of blindness in humans in just a few years. People with glaucoma could receive a simple injection in the near future to halt - or even reverse - the eye condition.

  • 10 reasons to store cord blood stem cells

    Why is it worth to save stem cells, taken from the umbilical cord of a newborn immediately after birth? An answer is simple – cord blood use will likely one day include everything from life threatening illness to simple knee surgery and cosmetic surgery.  

  • Men left infertile by cancer treatment may one day be able to produce healthy sperm

    Hope for restoring fertility in survivors of childhood cancer by extracted sperm-producing stem cells before cancer treatment and later placed them back.


  • Autism - how can umbilical cord blood stem cells help?

    The Sutter Neuroscience Institute in Sacramento (USA) launched groundbreaking research to discover whether infusing their own umbilical cord stem cells into the bloodstreams of autistic children will help them overcome debilitating characteristics of the condition.

  • Cord blood stem cells successfully restore hearing

    Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center (US) researchers are undergoing a phase I safety study using a child's umbilical cord blood stem cells to restore hearing loss. The firs child, who received this treatment, is Madeleine Connor. And her ability to hear has dramatically improved.

  • 8 million £ for a new world-leading centre for stem cell research

    Two of the UK’s largest funders of medical research are to invest £8 million in a new world-leading centre for stem cell biology and medicine. The aim is to close the knowledge gap and drive stem cell research forward towards clinical applications. 


  • True story. Cord blood stem cells help overcome symptoms of cerebral palsy

    "My pregnancy was awesome," Elisa Rudgers remembers. However, her delivery was extremely difficult. Baby was stuck for hours until doctors were able to get him out safely. At about 11 months old, her son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.